Yippee Ki YAY Free E-Festival!

Yippee Ki YAY Festival Poster

Yippee-Ki-YAY Music Festival™ 

A Concert Without Borders™

YAY+ is thrilled to announce our first ever Yippee-Ki-YAY Music Festival, 2021, will be held on 13th-15th August. The festival will feature an international lineup of 40 artists from nine countries across four continents. This three-day event will showcase musicians covering Rock, R&B, Jazz, EDM, Hip Hop, and Blues.  

The Yippee-Ki-YAY Music Festival has brought together talented musicians during a global pandemic to deliver a first-class festival for music lovers. As a new company, we have never done anything this BIG before and we are proud to present the world's first three-day, multi-genre, multi-lingual, international virtual festival - EVER. What better way for a company propagating positivity than to extend a helping hand and support all the struggling talented musicians out there who have been hit hard by the pandemic AND to spread joy and hope to fans everywhere.  

To learn more or find out how you can help support independent musicians, email us at info@yayplus.net