Joanne Yeoh

Joanne Yeoh
Although formally trained as a classical violinist, Malaysian Joanne Yeoh has largely ventured into more divergent


Her first album, Pulse of the Metropolis, released in 2005 consist of 10 songs featuring musical styles such as chill, jazz and world. The album has sold more than 15,000 copies worldwide and is now made available on all streaming platforms. 

Her second album, After A Dream was released 8 years later in 2013. This album received the Gold medal at the Global Music Awards 2014. The 10 songs in this album consist of rearrangements of popular folk and traditional songs from Miserlou to Khosn Kale Mazel Tov. The album features R&B, jazz fusion, and New Age styles. 

Her latest release, Life, Interrupted in 2021 was written during the Covid pandemic lockdown season. Here Joanne explores a more contemporary tone; hip hop, pop, and EDM. She will be releasing collaborative music videos every month to highlight these songs. Stay tuned for more than just music! 

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