Dirty Perfect

Dirty Perfect
Dirty Perfect is a three piece rocking machine known for their unique blend of rap rock, funk and blues fusion approach to their original music. Luke Buirski (guitar/vocals), Teague Bass (bass/vocals) and Hisham Salleh (session drummer) deliver dynamic and energetic performances every time they hit the stage.

Infectious guitar driven riffs, thunder thumping bass grooves and live and loaded drumming smackdowns combined with their “all or nothing attitude" separates Dirty Perfect from the pack.

Internationally experienced musicians in their own right, David and Luke joined forces in 2018 and have been rocking the Singapore music scene with their onstage antics ever since. Dirty Perfect is one of a few rock trio bands in Singapore yet have gained an impressive following in a short amount of time.
Australian born, Luke Buirksi and USA born Teague Bass are the driving force behind Dirty Perfect, and together they produce thrilling original music and riffs. Although a relatively new band to break into the Singapore music scene, their popularity combined with their originality will cement their place in the music industry for a long time.
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