Denise Mininfield

Denise Mininfield

This talented and versatile American-born vocalist lives and sings in Asia. “My desires are to share my gift with audiences around the world”. Her deep, soulful voice lends itself to exceptional jazz, soul, R&B, funk and blues performances. She has worked with many musical groups and has organized her own shows.

Growing up singing with her school and church in Berkeley, California, her mother encouraged her to pursue music from a young age. Denise studied and performed with many professional musicians who recognized her talents at a young age and took her under their wing. Denise also received classical vocal training from several reputable teachers.

Born and raised in Berkeley, California, her formal musical training began in the fourth grade playing flute under the care and direction of Mr. Phil Hardyman. After three years playing flute, he asked her to match a piano note with her voice. That was the beginning of her singing career. Denise began to concentrate on singing, taking voice lessons and performing with artists such as Herbert Mims, Bill Summers, musical prodigy Rodney Franklin, Sheila E, Wes Anderson, Lloyd Gregory, Jeannie Tracy, Billy 'shoes' Johnson, Hazel Payne, Tran Manh Tuan, Lewis Pragasam, Steve Thronton, Mac Chew, Mokthar Samba, Nils Landgren, to name a few.

Denise is currently living and loving performing in Asia, where she has performed in many venues and Jazz Festivals throughout Asia including; The Conrad- Bangkok, Millennium Hilton- Bangkok, CJW- Shanghai, JZ- Hoang Zhou, JZ – Shanghai, Harry- Singapore, Alexis, No Black Tie, and Groove Junction -KL Malaysia, Park Hyatt –Shanghai, House of Blues and Jazz – Shanghai, Cotton Club- Shanghai, HeyDay-Shanghai, Chair Club-Shanghai,

Jazz Festivals

KK Jazz Festival Sabah, Penang Island Jazz Festival 2006 & 2008 Penang, G Hotel- Penang, Sabah Jazz Festival 2007- Sabah, American Jazz Festival of Singapore–Singapore, JZ Music Festival and Expo 2011 – 2013 Shanghai,

Sennheiser Concert Hall Shanghai, Mercedes Benz Arena Shanghai –Mixing Room.

Her drive to succeed and passion for music is evident on and off the stage.

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