Ahn Dee

Ahn Dee was a member of his primary school's choir and learned to play the guitar at the age of 10. As his interest in music grew, he started writing songs and has played in bands since secondary school. Ahn Dee has experimented with genres ranging from pop, punk, and grunge to progressive and neo-metal before taking a long hiatus from playing. 

Ahn Dee started his Youtube channel in 2012, playing both originals and covers and actively performed in open mics in Singapore for a few years. He got his first break by joining a local radio competition, Singa Maksima Opening Act on Ria 89.7FM, and won 2nd Place. Ahn Dee began writing more songs, in both English and Malay. He also explored more genres, from funk and jazz to traditional music. 

From all these different musical influences, Ahn Dee found his sound.
He released his first single, Izinkan Diriku, in 2014 as a song about his journey to realizing his dream of being a songwriter. This paved a new beginning for Ahn Dee to share his passion for music. In 2020, he released another single, Kembalikan, on Spotify. He shares the platform with local artists and enthusiasts in spreading the positivity in the midst of the pandemic and is sometimes backed up by close friends who share the same interest. 

Ahn Dee is a self-described aspiring singer/songwriter who shares life experiences through the strumming of his guitar and simple vocal melodies.

YouTube: ahndee85
Facebook: ahndee85
Instagram: ahndee85

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